Decentralized PUTIN
For everybody
Airdrop 03.18.18
Decentralized PUTIN
For everybody
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The information is entertaining, PUTIN is not for payment, cryptocurrency is evil, deception and provocation, the site is made just for likes.
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What PUTIN gave us?
Bitcoin is now solid as a rock
Chief Buterin of Ethereum project
No extra GRAM – everything's perfect!
#100 in Forbes
I forgot what SCAM is – PUTIN made all projects work successfully
Clay Jayton
Chairman of SEC
All crypto became backed by gold
FBI doesn't follow me anymore
Alexander Winnik
Businessman, Technical Expert on information technology
No one hacks mail anymore
Nobody can stop the decentralization of PUTIN!
Stage 2 is VERY close
PUTIN buying rules
1. Send us the money in any convenient way;
2. In the notes to the payment leave the number Of your Ethereum wallet;
3. After receiving the payment, we send the appropriate amount of PUTIN.
(the price of one PUTIN = $ 42 at the exchange rate at the time of payment)

LTC: LTgrmsLcP3hA7WTvcFsNtFLXTuMrnwToX3
ETH: 0xE50fB7Ea4870469BA4699d0b72E626407aC80151
DOGE: DLs8Gk7FFAvDkemsoXetZr1Ps4iFkfpuFZ

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LTC: LTgrmsLcP3hA7WTvcFsNtFLXTuMrnwToX3
ETH: 0x0E94B4fF8EB9f77AAf12110D85C874705894271c
DOGE: DLs8Gk7FFAvDkemsoXetZr1Ps4iFkfpuFZ

of PUTIN will be made.
One for every person on the planet!
7 570 332 567
Price of PUTIN token.
You know why*
$317.9 bln
Total capitalization of PUTIN.
More than Bitcoin!
*everyone will find in PUTIN the meaning of live
Decentralized PUTIN to everyone — that's our goal!
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$82,7 bln
$35,5 bln
$10,8 bln
$180,2 bln
$317,9 bln
Capitalization of the largest cryptocurrencies
You can get PUTIN
for free!
Still, if you really like PUTIN project, you can buy somebody else's coin. Or just send us money – we know what to use it for.
PUTIN is a great gift
Do you want PUTIN for free? Then you must prove your loyalty! Pass free registration and participate in Airdrop . You may also get the opportunity to travel to Siberia
(but we're not sure about that)
Distribution of PUTIN
WhiteChain team
WhiteChain is a specialized financial blockchain for 'white' cryptocurrency: coins and tokenized assets are accompanied online in accordance with Due Diligence banking regulations. With this blockchain and its infrastructure it is possible to purchase any assets: real estate, businesses and even citizenship!
WhiteChain is an infrastructure project providing reliable connection between crypto world and traditional currencies. Platform includes specialized financial smart contracts, decentralized bank account WhiteWallet and fund WhiteTransfer. Total size of markets on which platform will be operating equals to $4,3 bln.
Why ""?
We see "" project as a symbol of our work: WhiteChain decentralizes trust of banks the same way the image of Putin is decentralized by AirDrop. The essence of bank is to guarantee the 'quality' of your account by bank's image. Blockchain and smart contracts can decentralize 'trust' — we substitute the trust of one bank by decentralized system of distributed trust. It doesn't lead to substitution of banks – we create a platform with new level of customer interaction helping to take a step towards each other. Traditional world steps in the crypto world, without any intermediate surrogates. The same goes for this project: we don't substitute Putin, we are allowing everyone to have access to his distributed authority with the help of blockchain technology.
We don't replace him, we expand his functionality creating new essence. New world gives us new concept of trust — and we want to use it to the fullest!
Press about PUTIN
National anthem of Russia
Russia – our sacred state,
Russia – our beloved country.
A mighty will, a great glory –
Yours forever for all time!
Be glorious, our free Motherland,
Ancient union of brotherly peoples,
Ancestor-given wisdom of the people!
Be glorious, our country! We are proud of you!
From the southern seas to the polar lands
Spread are our forests and fields.
You are unique in the world, one of a kind –
This native land protected by God!
Wide expanse for dreams and for living
Are opened for us by the coming years
Our loyalty to Motherland gives us strength.
So it was, so it is, and so it always will be!
Buy one TRUMP for half of PUTIN!
time is running out...
Soon! TRUMPcoin!
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